Members who wish to support our Club with a bigger, long-term commitment to the BSMC, helping us launch at our inception, will be offered "Founding Membership" status, strictly limited to 100 Selected Founders.
The LA 100 was created in response to those people who wanted to help kick-start us into life at our LA launch, with a deeper, long-term commitment to the club.

It's not about being better than other members, nor is it about saving membership costs over time, it's simply for those who wanted to do more, and can afford to do so.
Membership privileges for the LA One Hundred, and all other members in London and LA, are broadly the same, with private club access and discounts, etc, except;

There are few.
The LA One Hundred will have a unique Members Card, priority access to the Liquor Lockers in LA (until May 2022), and eventually their name will be on the wall in our LA Club Lounge (unless they elect to be omitted) They will be allowed to purchase LA One-Hundred-only products, e.g. an alternative BSMC Members ring, uniquely numbered or designed, TBC, an LA100 pin, and other items we haven't even dreamed up yet,

The cost to join the LA One Hundred is a one-off lifetime payment of $10,000, equal to just over 6.6 years LA membership.

Membership is then valid for life with nothing further to pay, and covers all BSMC club memberships, past, present and future.

Each time we open a new BSMC venue there will be a new One Hundred Club attached.
To apply - email us HERE