Since our first show in 2013 we've worked with talented tattoo artists, in recognition of just how connected tattoo and motorcycle culture are, and always have been.

Over many years and many shows, one thing led to another, and in 2020 we set up our own Studio in London, Paintshop Tattoo, and now our Arts District venue is host to Paintshop LA, where we have created a comfortable and creative environment for artists and their customers.

We have a fantastic crew of artists at our LA studio, with a mix of regulars and guests, covering all the bases when it comes to style and technnique, all set in a beautiful and accessible space in the heart of our venue.

Visit us or Email us for a consultation, and we can either pair you up with the most appropriate artist for your tattoo project, or set you up with the artists of your choice.

Call us on our main number 213 465 7661 or walk in during our consultation hours from midday till early evening, every day.

We offer a genuinely welcoming and inclusive experience to people who want a beautiful tattoo, created by artists who appreciate that it's your body, as well as their canvas.

Whether you're a fully-inked aficionado or a first-timer, we'll take you through the whole process with one of our dedicated artists - set within a comfortable hospitality space with great food & drink on-hand.


Luke Wessman is a world renowned tattoo artist. With over 25 years of experience. Known for artistic versatility, high-end clientele and a lovely bedside manner.

With appearances on Miami Ink, NY Ink, Luke was also a guest judge on Inkmaster. 


Nate Fierro, a Los Angeles native, began tattooing in 2005. Nate favors bold traditional-style imagery focusing on drawing and making each piece original for each client. Nate’s style is rooted-in and inspired by American traditional & Japanese tattooing styles, branching out in illustrative black & grey and neo-traditional Americana/Japanese.


Mara O'Hara is a tattoo artist originally from Tacoma, WA, who's traveled across the county to deliver her unique traditional-style tattooing. Her love for the arts and entertainment has landed her on the silver screen and in many publications. Mara was featured on the cover of Tattoo Magazine in 2019 and Easyriders in 2022.


Darnell Waine is a life long artist & Los Angeles native. Through his passion for painting he examines the ups & downs on the journey to self-love. As a tattooer Darnell is dedicated to using his skills to help his clients express the highest versions of themselves especially in the form portraits and realism.


Julianne Ashby, a Northern California native, is a multi-faceted and prolific LA artist. She enjoys traditional and black and grey tattoos, while specializing in fine-line black work.

Her positive and calming attitude creates an enjoyable tattoo experience.


Orignally from Dallas, TX, Tattoo shop owner and connector, Aaron Finnin, is the Paintshop Tattoo Boss, and has built a fantastic team of talented artists and guests, as well as making sure the vibe and tone of the studio is inclusive, creative and welcoming.