Our goal is to inspire adventure and experience, and help get you out on your motorcycle, whether it's for a Sunday morning ride up Angeles Crest, a weekend trip to Joshua Tree or a week-long ride up and down the California coast, along with Track Days, Dirt Bike Riding, Trail Riding and much more, but it will all be based around what our members want to do.

Our team can organise these rides and events, in large and small groups, but we also hope to see members making groups of friends and organising things themselves. We don't expect everyone to want the same thing, and we do expect you to make your own smaller friendship groups and plans your own rides adventures.

Officially organised BSMC events will be promoted on our Media channels, membership Facebook page, our Newsletter, and will be posted on our Calendar.

Members-organised events will mostly feature on Facebook posts on our Members Page, or within your own groups, such on WhatsApp group chats, or however you prefer to communicate as a group.

Some events and rides will be cost-free - apart from your own gas, etc - and some will be charged at whatever it costs us to arrange (e.g. Trackdays, slide-school, Supermoto days).


All participants of any BSMC organised, or inspired, moto-meeting or ride are responsible for maintaining a safe motorcycle, having a valid motorcycle license, as well as their own insurances and healthcare, unless otherwise stated by us, (e.g. on an organised, paid-for, third-party event.)

We also ask you to always ride at your own pace, and within your own abilities. We will never ask you to ride out your comfort zone. We also expect you to abide to all laws and speed limits.

In summary; you are completely responsible for yourself, your conduct, your equipment and your protection.

And finally, we ask you to ride considerately - and to think of your fellow member-riders, and the communities you ride through. Save wheelies, stunts, and bouncing off the rev-limiter to your own time and space.