384-386 Old St


Set under 4 huge Victorian railway arches and the building next door, the Bike Shed is a destination dedicated to moto culture & moto people, open to all, whether they arrive on foot or on a motorcycle, where they can brave the ride down our infamous cafe driveway to arch 4 parking at the back on the building.

Whether you come for Coffee or tank Beer, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner or Cocktails, Tank Beer we offer a warm welcome to everyone on our Common Ground.

We always make room for walk-ins, but you can book a table recommended for large groups, busy days or a special occasion.

As well as offering our BSMC gear on-line we also have physical stores at 384 and 386 Old St, with all your favourite moto brands and protective equipment, alongside our own Bike Shed gear & apparel.

Our staff all ride, and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s technical riding equipment, our newest Bike Shed gear or a gift for the biker in your life.

Sharp haircuts and well-groomed beards come hand-in-hand with moto-culture, so from our first event we've had a pop-up barbershop, so when we opened our full-time space we also opened Parts & Labour Barbershop.

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Tattoo culture and high-quality art are delivered by the talented Bike Shed team at The Paint Shop with passion & experience, in a stunning studio space above the Bike Shed shop at 386 Old St.

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