BSMC Track Day Brands Hatch - Thu 6th May

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Join the Bike Shed crew, Members and Regulars on track at Brands Hatch for a track day with like-minded riders and a friendly inclusive vibe for newbies, regulars and experienced riders, on all types of bikes, from cafe racers and modern classics, to customs, scramblers, retro racers and supernakeds and, yes, sportsbikes too - as long as you get the vibe, but you must read the next paragraph:

This is NOT a day for people who are fast trackday regulars on modern sportsbikes, so if you're a Brands Hatch regular on your superbike replica or stripped-down stuntbike with tyre warmers and a stopwatch, chasing laptimes and scalps on the corners, please don't come. Please just go on other regular trackdays with MSV, etc.

Riders will be divided into groups, according to pace, experience and type of bike.

  • ROOKIE (No track day experience, or very slow bike)
  • REGULAR (Comfortable riding in a group/done trackdays before)
  • RAPID (Aiming to push your bike, or got something fast to ride)

  • BLISTERINGLY FAST (... er, nope, not available)


By joining us on this track day, you are agreeing to take part in a fun day out with Bike Shed people, not to hone your proddy racing skills. If you're not sure about the bike you are bringing, just get in touch with Dan by email for more info.

Also note:

The day is being operated by MSV so we must adhere to all MSV rules regarding: e.g. online advance briefings, the bikes (noise etc), gear (helmets, boots, gloves, leather, etc), and more. Please check the MSV website for full details.

The brake lever protector requirement is a recommendation only, for this BSMC day.

Refunds may not be available after the group booking is confirmed, unless we can replace your space with another rider.

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