The cat is finally out of the bag on the worst-kept-secret in our little community. Bike Shed is coming to the Los Angeles Arts District, which could easily described as the West Coast’s Shoreditch, full of media companies, artisan creative studios, trendy restaurants, bars and cafes, and is one of the few spaces in LA where you see people on the streets, browsing sole-trading shops on foot, instead of just driving everywhere and parking in a giant mall’s multi-story.

The Arts District is also home to a thriving moto-community, with access from the East side and the West Coast moto-scenes, and just 20 minutes away is the base of the stunning Angeles Crest, one of the best mountain riding roads I have ever been on anywhere.

Our building footprint is DTLA is 30,000 square feet (London is 12,000 SF) in a stunning warehouse building that was built in 1945 (which, in LA is “old”). The venue and scale gives us the character and space to do everything we do in London, but also all things we can’t, because we’ve run out of room.

As well as having a huge amount of on-site parking, a much bigger retail space and a big cafe/bar/restaurant with Parts & Labour Barbers and a huge event space and bike galleries, we’ll also have a Tattoo Studio “The Paint Shop” and private members’ space. (see below). The retail area, around 4,000 square feet, will be set up as a big emporium of brands, who will join the BSMC shop with their own branded spaces where they can sell their own products and gear. We’ll be announcing our partners soon.

The big question is always; when will you open? ...and the answer is; ASAP - but if you’re thinking about planning the year ahead, we are still hoping to be open by the end of this year, despite the Covid-19 chaos.

Bike Shed LA membership is now open for online applications, for which we have had dozens of requests, and can only accommodate limited numbers. To find our more, check out our membership pages.