Diary of a Rookie Rider

An honest account of a rookie rider's first tentative steps towards biking. 

"within a couple of hours I was negotiating tight u-turns and cruising up and down the road changing gears like an absolute pro…or at least, I got into third gear and hit a high speed of around 25 miles an hour, but it felt pretty epic to me!"

Bike Shed x Royal Enfield

When lockdown hit us back in March, we picked up the phone to Royal Enfield and started plotting a lockdown collaboration custom build, based on the new Interceptor 650, to give us all something to do together, and something to look forward to. We also decided to get our audience involved, and between us all, we built a punchy little street-brat.

Pure Southern Power Metal of Scott “T-Bone” Jones

Sometimes our capacity for love is greater than our ability to love. The heart wants what it wants and when it wants, it makes itself known, but what it wants doesn’t always make sense. Even still it wants, sometimes without reason, and sometimes it tugs in contradictory directions, and the act of following one’s heart causes suffering in other areas of life, but such is life, and so is the heart. The heart of 45-year-old custom motorcycle builder and flat-track racer Scott “T-Bone” Jones is hurt after years of conflicting wants, but it’s a good heart, and like any good...

Bike Shed Community Response

When Covid-19 shut our doors on March 20th, one of our members asked if we knew anyone up north who could look in on their parents, who were vulnerable...

Robert's Shed Built Harley Crosser

We saw, well – heard, Robert and Jordans bike at the Malle Mile last summer. The thing rips!

Dutch's Hoxton 2.0

So, all this 1200cc Thruxton cafe racer needs now is 16-inch rims, fat tyres, and a set of handlebars…